Custom Multiband CCD Solutions

Cloudland Instruments has the ability to transform the the very capable Hawkeye sensor design into a multi-spectral band sensor with excellent utility for remote sensing of the environment. Simply mounting the unit on a rotary stage allows a scene to be scanned. While not hyperspectral, the band centers and bandwidths can be tailored within the 400 to 950 nm range to meet the specific requirements of the measurement. We can achieve much better SNR than area arrays used for similar applications. Below is an example using a prototype linear array to collect an RGB image of the Santa Barbara airport from a nearby hilltop. Note how flat-fielding the green channel with the blue channel accentuates vegetation differences. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements you might have for an instrument like this.


Linear Array Prototype on Rotary Stage and Trip[od


RGB Image


Green Channel Flat-Fielded with Blue Channel

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