Meeting At Goddard

A Hawkeye advisory meeting was held at Goddard Space Flight Center on August 18th, 2015. Some of the attendees are pictured below:


Pictured, standing, from left to right, are John McCarthy, Gene Feldman, Alan Holmes (Cloudland), Gerhard Meister, Fred Patt, John Charlick (Clydespace), Hessel Gorter (Clydespace), Mary Cleave, John Morrison (UNC-Wilmington), Paula Bontempi, and Marc Mogavero (Hawk Institute). Seated, left to right, are Bryan Franz, Chuck McClain, and Tilak Hewagama. Also attending but not shown, are Bryan Monosmith, Robby Estep, Norman Kuring, Woody Turner, Kathleen McIntyre, Lisa Callahan, Don Jennings, and Will Mast.

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